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Model: 48-WoodenGrid
This Storage Box for Cell Phones focuses on supplying all kinds of stylish and attractive organizer items to help improve working efficiency, makes you life more colourful. Say goodbye to your mess desk, you will have everything in order, then you can focus your mind on your study.Specific..
Ex Tax:₹1,250
Model: JBC-C210
Soldering Iron Tips Specialized Replaceable Adapter for JBC T210-A Handle C210020 C210018 C210002 Copper MaterialNote: The original JBC C210 Tip not inlude. Thank you!!!Copper Material Soldering Iron Tips Specialized Replaceable Adapter for JBC T210-A Handle C210-020 C210-018 C210-002T-I, is suit fo..
Ex Tax:₹350
Model: iPhone 7, 7 +
MIJING BGA Stencil is a High Precision BGA Rebelling TemplateCompatible with iPhone 7, 7 PlusCan be used with direct heat.This is a required tool for rebelling ice's.This product is small and strong...
Ex Tax:₹350
Model: T12-BIT
Features: Good ability to control temperature,quick thermal conductivity,Make use of imported raw material-copper oxide, use special molding machine to processLong wroking life:  soldering joints, some sizes even can reach soldering jointsProduct surface use special material handling, tip ..
Ex Tax:₹330
Model: X-3D
Feature:1. Maximum temperature range2. Test area maximum temperature3. Test area minimum temperature4. Minimum temperature range5. Can adjust the angle of the visible light camera6. Adjustable fusion of infrared thermal imaging and visible light image is clearer image7. Switchable display mode8. You..
Ex Tax:₹46,000
Model: 0.5LENS
0.5X is a condensing glass with a working distance of 165mm.Increase the working distance, reduce the multiple, the multiple after use is *0.5Auxiliary stereoscopic microscope objective lens is the function extension for a stered microscope,The microscope magnification increased to meet the need of ..
Ex Tax:₹1,000
Model: 0.5X C-MOUN
0.5X 1/2 Focus Adjustable C-mount Adapter for New Type for Am-scope Trinocular Stereo Microscope CTV 0.5/ (0.5X C mount adapter) is designed for Hayear's Camera.This CTV 0.5 adapter is best match with Hayear's CameraThese Cameras can get most clear and sharp image when working togethe..
Ex Tax:₹1,800
Model: 0.7 LENS
0.7X Barlow lens for SM series stereo microscopes, extending working distance and field view of the microscope and cutting magnification power by 0.7 times. Mounting size: 1-7/8" (48mm) in diameter.This lens uses a 48mm (1-7/8") mounting thread and goes with most stereo microscopes.Ideal for AmScope..
Ex Tax:₹1,000
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